Although there are times when being cheap makes sense, in many cases, it's worth shelling out a little more. Especially when it comes to the safety of your little one.

 Dangerous Kid Clothing Factory in India

According to USA Today, The Greenpeace study, citing laboratory analysis of 85 samples, found that some of the clothing made by largest garment makers contained NPE, a hormone disrupter, and antimony, a chemical element used in making bullets.

Your children are in danger

Children and babies are very sensitive to these chemicals because they are growing and their cells are rapidly multiplying. Once these chemicals and toxins come into contact or enter the body, they get stored in the fatty tissue. Detoxing these chemicals can be especially hard and sometimes the damage is irreversible.

 Skin irritation from chemical used in cloth production

There are 6 main types of chemicals that are commonly used in textile manufacturing. Here is the list and how they could harm your love one.

  • Antibacterial is used to prevent bad odors in sporting clothing, which causes irritation to the skin and is harmful to water life.
  • Fungicides are used to stop mold growth in clothes.
  • Dyes contain carcinogenic and mutagenic toxins.
  • Formaldehyde is a common agent to prevent shrinkage and wrinkles. It is a very dangerous toxin to the brain and body.
  • Phthalates are known to cause infertility.
  • Heavy metals such as chrome, lead, and nickel are present in dyes and are very dangerous to developing brains.
  • Fluoride and PFC’s are a common additive to the manufacturing of clothing.

 Toxic Chemical Found in Kids' Clothes & Pajamas

Tips for protecting them

  1. Avoid crease-free, moth repellant, stain resistant, or fire retardant clothing.
  2. Looking for clothing made with natural fibers (like hemp, organic cotton, flax, silk, or wool) over synthetic fibers, which can cause allergic reactions. Choose organic cotton over regular cotton, which is often grown with large amounts of fertilizers.
  3. Switch out clothing closest to the skin first. 
  4. Avoid garments with plastisol prints on them.
  5. Through wash new clothing before wearing every time.
  6. Buy kids clothes made from organic which sell in higher price tag or select the high-quality clothing shop that guarantees safety process in making the clothes for your little one.

Protecting your baby with safe clothing from UAE Cute Stuff


Lastly, remember that emotions can be toxic too. Not only can negative thoughts and worries affect your own body, but it can affect your growing baby as well as people around you. The best things you can do are, become aware of the toxins in your life and reduce your exposure to them.

Even if that means just changing out your pajamas, you have helped reduce your body’s toxic load. Be thankful for the things that you have done already to protect your family.


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