If you own more than 3 items of Hello Kitty such as, Hello Kitty watch, Hello Kitty mug, Hello Kitty purse, Hello Kitty bag charm, Hello Kitty phone case or any other Hello Kitty merchandise, we consider you as Hello Kitty fans.

Do you really know everything about her? Today, UAE Cute Stuff want to challenge you on your knowledge about Hello Kitty. Here are our top 20 lists we consider only the Real Fans would know about or at least should not be missed out.

1. Hello Kitty is a girl NOT A CAT

Hello Kitty-UAE Cute Stuff

It is the intention of designing our beloved character that Hello Kitty is a girl. There was a viral news about this fact back in 2014 and this fact caused a lot of grief to a large number of the fans. Since we love her unconditionally we could look past that point (do we?)

2. Hello Kitty is not Japanese. She is British

British Hello Kitty 

Her official name is Kitty White. She was born in London on 1st November 1974. Regardless, the strong pop culture she presents she actually a British citizen who lives outside London. 

3.Hello Kitty has no mouth (for a reason)

Hello kitty

Because she has no mouth that why she is our best friend. Her designer Yuko Shimizu intentionally to not to put her mouth because they want us to project our feeling onto her characters. Be happy or Be sad with her. Also, lack of mouth is the symbol that she speak everything from her heart and she isn't bound to any particular language. Hence, Hello Kitty is a representative of friendship, and encourage friendship between people across the world

4. Hello Kitty has a pet. Her name is Charmmy

Charmmy Hello Kitty Pet

Charmmy is friendly white Persian with a pink lace-trimmed bow tied on her left ear. She is wearing Kitty's jewellery box key around her neck because anything sparkling or shiny always make her happy. Her name derived from the word "Charm" She made the first appearance in 2004. Now in 2018, she should be 14 years old. Quite a big cat now. 

5.  First Hello Kitty Item

first hello kitty coin purse

If you ask around, most of the people thought that the first Hello Kitty product should be a plush doll. Apparently, it is not. The first Hello Kitty product was launched in 1974. The first product is shown in the picture above. It is a coin purse. Who would have known that simple cutie cat could own a lot of people's heart around the world for more than 40 years?

6. Hello Kitty Love Story

Dear Daniel Hello Kitty Boyfriend

A longtime friend of childhood and boyfriend of Hello Kitty full name is Daniel Starr. He also born in London and the same age as her. He is a sensitive and naive boy who pay attention to his appearance. He is not a Cat (just reminding ha ha) He also has a pet which is a hampster.His favourite food is cheesecake and yoghurt. His first appearance in 1999. 

7. The Most Expensive Hello Kitty Item in the World

most expensive hello kitty item in the world 

Touch on a world of luxury, the most expensive Hello Kitty item in the world is Hello Kitty Bling Doll cost $152, 585 which is also the symbol of the 35th anniversary of Hello Kitty. Small and shiny, the doll features an amazing design encrusted with a large number of Swarovski crystals was showcased in the watch-jewellery trade fair in Basel, Switzerland.What do you think? Is this worth the price? 

8.First Annual Hello Kitty Con. 

First Annual Hello Kitty Con

Do you know that there was never be the official Hello Kitty Conference since she takes over the world of Japanese Pop Culture? Her first official conference was to celebrate her milestone of 40th Birthday at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA in Los Angeles. The conference was a four-day Sanrio event including sushi-making, cupcake decorating, scrapbooking and nail-painting. 

9. First Celebrity Hello Kitty Doll


The first Celebrity Hello Kitty Doll was Yoshiki. He is the leader of legendary Japanese rock band: X Japan. He is one of the most talented musician Japanese star in our rank. In another word, we love him and X Japan. His Hello Kitty doll is called "Yoshikitty" and issued in 2009. He is also the one who compose Hello Kitty theme song "Hello Hello" in winter of 2008 with the help of Sanrio designer Yuko Yamaguchi. 

10. Hello Kitty Favourite Food

Hello Kitty Favourite Food

If you are the Hello Kitty's serious fan, you would know that her mother who is a former pianist enjoy making pastries. While Kitty has a chance to try a lot of pasty types made by her mom as a hobby, in the animation it was mentioned that her favourite food is "freshly made Apple Pie" Who cant resist freshly made Apple pie? 

We just finished 10 fun facts for serious Hello Kitty fans. How many of these you already know?